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Event #8: Natural Dyeing Workshop + Ice Cream Potluck

WHEN: Sunday, August 27th, 2017
TIME: 11:00am to 3:00pm
WHERE: Portland, ME (address will be emailed 2 days before event)

Photo credit: Jill Hoyle Photography


Hello!! We hope that everyone has been having a grand summer!

First of all, THANK YOU as always for having interest in our little gatherings. Together, we keep each other motivated, make new friends, and get projects done. It’s so satisfying and heartwarming to tackle new things together.

After we did indigo dyeing back in February, we received a lot of feedback about asking us to do this again. It’s so fun, it was a no brainer to say yes! Since we’ve done this before, we’re also adding two more natural colors to change it up a bit. We’ll run a short poll soon and we can decide together what those colors will be.

This workshop is also open to EVERYONE! So bring your partner, a friend, a family member, etc. Female, male, whatever you identify as. Maine summers are short and sweet, so let’s get together on the last Sunday of August and have fun together!

We’re all for empowering women to create and collaborate together, but we don’t have a strict “women only” rule. We want more women supporting women, but really, it is about anyone supporting each other and working together in a safe and respectful space.



    • Materials You’ll Provide:
      • Items that you will be dyeing (natural fibers are best, avoid synthetic), cotton is great! (Tips: Thrift stores have great stuff at a low price, bed sheets, pillowcases, yarn, fabric, etc. Amazon also sells beautiful organic cotton tea towels at a good price. We’ll have some of those if anyone wants to try one!)
      • 1 or 2 large buckets (Just like the dye, one bucket is good for every 2-3 folks sharing a dye together. We’ll let you know if you need to bring one.)
      • Optional: Additional wooden, plastic blocks, clothing pins, rubber bands, and other shapes if going the shibori method. (Note: the indigo kit brings a small set, but bring extra in order to not mix those with the other dye colors as indigo is strong and will cross-contaminate.)
    • Materials We’ll Provide:
      • 1 or 2 extra buckets if anyone needs to borrow
      • Indigo dyeing kits (We use this one for $8 which includes: indigo dye, reducing agent, 1 pair of gloves, 2 stir sticks, rubber bands, and instruction booklet. Note: 1 kit is good enough for every 2-3 people depending on how many items to dye each person has.)
      • Natural dye creation of the other 2 colors
      • Some extra gloves and extra rubber bands
      • Plastic cover for floor (Most of this will be done outside though, weather permitting)
      • One drying rack and 3 clothing lines for drying outside. (If you have extra standing clothing racks that we can borrow, that would be great! Just note, it might get stained, don’t bring if that is a concern)
    • Cost:
      • $6-10 sliding scale. Six dollars minimum would be great to help cover your share for indigo dye and the other 2 colors we’ll be making. If you want to chip in more — that’s very kind of you! Thanks so much. We make sure that any extra funds goes towards providing extra materials and maintaining our website. We accept payment through Venmo or PayPal.


So why indigo and other natural dyes? The first attempt at this was so successful that we want to make some more! We also want to try new colors…the possibilities seem endless: turmeric, onion skins, beets, walnuts, eucalyptus, avocado skin and seed, roses, red cabbage, etc. Design Sponge also made this great post about indigo dyeing.



    • Food: Ice Cream!
      • It’s summmmer!!! Of course, we need to have an ice cream themed potluck! Seriously, we’ve been waiting for this one since we made the 2017 workshop schedule. Bring a pint of your favorite. That’s it! Dairy, dairy-free, sorbet, toppings?!?, whatever your heart desires! We’ll provide cones (and gluten free ones), bowls, and spoons…maybe some sprinkles too…


  • FYI

    • Since this workshop is a bit messier and we need more space to create our items, SPACE IS LIMITED, so sign up sooner than later! We also need a head count so we can order plenty of dye in advance. Bring snacks if you need actual food besides ice cream since this workshop runs a little longer than previous ones.


***UPDATE: The form below is NOT working. We left it up so you can see some of the information we ask for when you register. Email us at to sign up. Sorry for the inconvenience. See you on Sunday! xo ***


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