Felting + Friendsgiving Potluck!

Workshop #11

WHEN: Friday, November 17th, 2017
TIME: 5:30pm* to 9:00pm
WHERE: Portland, ME (address will be emailed 2 days before event)


*Dinner with everyone starts at 6:00pm so it’s okay if you can’t be here right at 5:30!


This is a special workshop and potluck that we’re having because… Friendsgiving! We will gather at the table with our delicious food and conversation before we start any projects. We know the time and day is different than our usual Sundays, but hopefully a good amount of you can still make it! We’ve always wanted to have a formal sit down with you and here is our chance! We are incredibly thankful for all the new friendships and creativity that you have brought us all this year. xo

Our friend, Rebecca May Verrill, will be teaching us how to do felting! More info on this lady soon!

As always, this is open to EVERYONE! So bring your partner, a friend, a family member, etc. Female, male, whatever you identify as.

We’re all for empowering women to create and collaborate together, but we don’t have a strict “women only” rule. We want more women supporting women, but really, it is about anyone supporting each other and working together in a safe and respectful space.



    • Materials You’ll Provide:
      • Acorn caps if you’re making a garland (Free! They’re everywhere outside – thanks squirrels!)
      • Roving, 1 color or more, depending on what you want to make (Rebecca recommends going to PortFiber where you’ll find everything you need. 1 oz of roving is approx. $2-3)
      • Felting needle (Also at PortFiber, approx. $1-2 each)
      • Optional: beads or small buttons to use as eyes or accessories on your felted creature
      • Filler yarn (this can be really cheap yarn, think A.C. Moore / Michaels if you don’t have any on hand. We’ll have some too!)
    • Materials We’ll Provide:
      • Some extra bits of roving if you need more or want to try a certain color we might have
      • Some cheaper roving to use as filler material
      • String if making garland! Will also have various other ribbons and ties if you need them for anything
      • Pipe cleaners
      • Wire
      • Upholstery foam or similar material
    • Cost:
      • $5, if you want us to get you $4 worth of roving + 1 needle. However, if you’re making an animal, we recommend you taking a trip to PortFiber and enjoy the process of choosing your colors! We accept payment through Venmo or in cash on the day of the workshop.
      • $0 if you don’t need help with getting anything!


So why felting? Because we’ve always wanted to try it! And because Rebecca reached out to us in advance about leading this workshop and we were like… heck yeah! Plus, LOOK AT THIS! Who doesn’t want to make things that cute?? You are also welcome to work on something else if you just want to come and hang with us.



    • Food: Thanksgiving Anything
      • We are thankful for you. YOU made the Sea of Women Collective a thing. That we can do this. We are just so, so thankful for everything that this group has become and brought us. And the future of it! Thank you with all our hearts. Now, come and feast with us!


  • FYI

    • As always, our table and space can only accommodate so many people, so space is LIMITED. Sign up as soon as you can! For certain future workshops, we are excited to try different venues. For the most part, we use the same location because it is quiet, good parking, and because we prefer to keep the head count low.


***Our last form ended up being discontinued so we had problems receiving your form submissions. We updated it so this one should work fine, but if you don’t hear back from us in under 12 hours after submitting, please email us at hello@seaofwomen.com.***


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